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Mechel Service equips warehouses with data terminals

Mechel Groups sales subsidiary Mechel Service OOO has finished equipping its warehouses with portable data terminals.

Every steel product stored by Mechel Service has its own bar code, which can be read by portable data terminals and then transferred wirelessly into the record-keeping system. Implementation of this project began in 2012. Today all of the company’s warehouses are equipped with such terminals which are used when shipping, receiving, moving and taking inventory of stocked products.

These terminals are part of the company’s strategic plan to computerize its storage operations, including receiving and shipping steel products, inventory and document management. In 2018, the company acquired new Mobilebase (DSIC) DS5 data terminals with 3G mobile connection.

The new terminals’ advantage is that they do not require equipping warehouses with antennae and wi-fi zones as data is transferred using mobile links, and that makes storage computerization much easier and cheaper.

Use of data terminals enables the company to save processing time, optimize document flow and improve warehouse inventory control.


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