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Elgaugol expands Elga Coal Complex infrastructure

Elga Coal Complex (developed by Elgaugol OOO, part of Mechel Groups mining division) opened a new large bath-and-laundry complex and two dormitories for its personnel.

The new complex includes special areas for cleaning and drying work clothing, saunas, showers and separate locker rooms for work and street clothes. It also has a lounge area, rooms for physiotherapy, physical examination and treatment procedures. The new complex’s total area is over 1,200 square meters.

Elga also opened two new dormitories — one lodging 40 and intended for engineers and technicians, and another 120-bed one — for blue-collar personnel. Another 120-bed accomodation will open soon.

In 2018, the coal complex opened a new administration and accommodation building and is due to soon complete remodelling residential and office spaces built earlier.

“Our people work in difficult climatic conditions, away from home and family. Thanks to their work Elga Coal Complex is dynamically developing and improving its operational results. Creating the best possible and comfortable conditions for our staff’s work, accommodation and healthcare is one of our primary concerns. And we are taking care of it,” Elgaugol OOO’s Managing Director Ivan Tsepkov noted.


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