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Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant earns certificates for new construction beam types

Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (ChMK PAO, MOEX: CHMK, part of Mechel Group) received certificates for new types of flange beams. These certificates confirm the beams high quality and make the products more competitive on the domestic construction market.

The plant earned certificates for two types of beams — SIN beams and welded beams.

One of the plant’s workshops produces welded beams from different steels by welding three components together into a single steel structure. The beams are then drilled or cut to make grooves and angles as per a customer’s wishes. Welded beam is used in making framings for residential and industrial buildings as well as bridge construction.

The SIN beams’ corrugated plate lends them extra durability and yield strength, which makes them useful for construction of industrial sites as well as civilian and agricultural ones, even in seismically unstable areas. Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant is producing SIN beams at a fully automated production facility by Austria’s Zeman. The facility may produce up to 400 tonnes of SIN beam a month.

To appraise the flange beams’ quality, experts from a voluntary certification leader Mosstroisertifikatsia examined the production process from steelmaking to shipping finished products, including documentation, shop-floor discipline, equipment maintenance, personnel skills and control services. Product samples were tested both in the plant’s lab and in an independent test center. The certificates confirm that SIN beams and welded flange beams are compliant with technical norms. The certificates are valid through 2023 with annual inspection control.

“We mastered production of these new beam types little more than a year ago. They are produced on modern equipment, from high-quality steel made here at the plant. This gives us indisputable competitive advantage. These certificates confirmed the high quality of our products. In 2018 we sold over 1,500 tonnes of welded and SIN beams, and we plan to expand our market this year,” the plant’s sales director Vadim Shalygin commented.


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