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Neryungrinsky Open Pit celebrates 40th anniversary

Yakutugol Holding Company AO (part of Mechel Group)s Neryungrinsky Open Pit, the founding enterprise of the city of Neryungri, celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Neryungrinsky Open Pit is the largest coal mining enterprise not only in Yakutia, but also in the entire Far East. The official birthdate is March 19, 1979, when the order launching operations at the pit’s first stage was signed.

High-quality coking coal from Neryungri’s Moschny coal seam has won international recognition far and wide. The coalfield includes a 16-square-kilometer deposit with a maximum seam depth of 315 meters. The facility uses a unique open-pit mining technology which reduces coal loss while mining.

Since the pit’s development began, its coking coal has been sold to steelmaking, coke-chemical and cement enterprises in Russia, Japan, South Korea, India and China. The pit’s thermal coal is supplied to public utility providers and power generating companies in Russia’s Far East.

Today the pit’s mining fleet includes drilling rigs, new-generation stripping and mining excavators, heavy-duty dump trucks for rock transportation. Since 2017 as part of Yakutugol’s technical upgrade program, six mining equipment units arrived at the pit.

“Coal mining at Neryungrinsky Open Pit is conducted around the clock. Neryungri coal miners have achieved very impressive results — in these 40 years, they have produced about 360 million tonnes of coal, transported 1.9 billion cubic meters of overburden rock,” Mechel Mining Management OOO’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer Igor Khafizov noted.


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