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Elgaugol output continues to grow

Elgaugol OOO (part of Mechel Groups mining division) demonstrates output growth on all counts since the beginning of this year.

In January-September, Elgaugol’s coal output amounted to 3.9 million tonnes, which is a 28-percent increase year-on-year. Stripping volumes amounted to 8 million cubic meters, a 12-percent increase year-on-year. Elgaugol also managed to maintain positive dynamics in coal processing which went up by 17% to 1.9 million tonnes, and dispatches increased 36.2% to 2.7 million tonnes.

“We kept up a good working pace this year. This shows good results on behalf of the company’s entire personnel. The project is developing as planned and in accordance with aims we were tasked with. We will do our best not to slow down and continue to demonstrate confident growth,” Elgaugol OOO’s Managing Director Ivan Tsepkov noted.


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