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Mezhdurechensks founding mine celebrates 65th anniversary

The staff of Southern Kuzbass Coal Company (MOEX: UKUZ, part of Mechel Group)s V.I. Lenina Underground Mine celebrate their facilitys 65th anniversary.

Launch of the first stage of the mine, then called Tomusinskaya 1-2, began development of the Tomusinsk coal deposit and prompted the founding of the town of Mezhdurechensk.

In 1956, the mine’s experts already developed the prototype of modern powered support systems — the Tomusinsk universal powered support, which revolutionized development of thick flat-lying seams. It has been perfected ever since and became widespread both in the Soviet Union and abroad as it made mining safe for workers and helped to dramatically increase production. For success in mastering the powered support, foreman Alexander Zemtsov was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, the highest degree of distinction for exceptional work achievements.

In the mine’s history, seams of up to 10 meters thick were developed, using both the traditional slicing method as well as the pillar-and-room system. The mine currently develops mid-size seams 1.8-3 meters thick.

In spring 2018, Longwall 0-17-16 was launched at the mine, which is now developed by Andrey Vorotyntsev’s team.

Over the mine’s 65 years of history, a total of 133 million tonnes of coal were extracted, with the total of 1,300 kilometers excavated. A total of approximately 70,000 staff has worked at the mine.

“V.I. Lenina Underground has always taken a special place among our company’s facilities. The mine yields high-quality low-ash coking coal, which is much in demand. The mine has major reserves, a streamlined labor safety system and highly professional personnel,” Southern Kuzbass Coal Company PAO’s Managing Director Viktor Skulditsky said.


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