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Elgaugol completes this years equipment upgrade program

Elgaugol OOO (part of Mechel Groups mining division) completed this years technical upgrade program. In 2018, the coal complex received 10 new mining equipment units.

The complex’s mining fleet was joined by an EKG-18 and a Esh 20-90 S excavators (now being assembled and due to be launched in 2019), three BelAZ 130-tonne trucks, a Komatsu WA-800 loader, a Liebherr excavator with a two-cubic-meter bucket, two Volvo loaders with a 12-cubic-meter bucket each, as well as a BelAZ 7547 UMP automobile to fight dusting in the open-pit bench. The new equipment will enable the complex to increase mining and stripping volumes.

Intensive technical upgrade has been underway at Elga Coal Complex since 2017, with a total of over 30 mining units acquired in 2017-2018 as part of the upgrade program.

“Thanks to the new additions to our fleet over the past two years, we managed to significantly increase production at Elga Coal Complex. The upgrade program is already yielding good results and will continue next year,” Elgaugol OOO’s Managing Director Ivan Tsepkov noted.


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