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Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant ups hardware sales in 1Q2018

Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant (BMK AO, part of Mechel Group) sold approximately 115,000 tonnes of hardware in 1Q2018, which is 3% more than in the same period last year.

Sales of products for construction, engineering and electrode industries showed the most growth.

Positive dynamics could be seen in the sales of cold-deformed rebar and low-carbon wire, used in construction for making reinforced concrete structures and meshes, which grew by 46% and 38% accordingly. Nail sales went up by 23%. Sales of welding alloyed wire for overlaying and welding steel structures in engineering and bridge construction industries went up by 15%. Sales of electrode wire increased by 13%. Sales of steel ropes also showed a minor 1% growth.

“Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant promptly responded to the growing demand in the construction segment, which reflected in an improvement of our sales,” Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant AO’s Chief Executive Officer Viktor Kamelin commented.


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