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Izhstal passes audit by KamAZ

Izhstal PAO (part of Mechel Group, MOEX: IGST) passed an audit by KamAZ. The carbuilders experts formed a favorable view of Izhstals capacity for high-quality steel product output.

The truck builders examined the rolling mill facilities, paying special attention to its equipment for steel production that is up to the automobile giant’s high requirements for surface curvature and quality. The experts also noted streamlined organization of roll turning and finishing, creating necessary conditions for all kinds of quality control and introduction of a QR-coding system for steel products.

Izhstal and KamAZ build their ties with the support of the Republic of Udmurtia’s authorities. In February Mechel’s Udmurtia-based enterprises and Udmurtia’s government signed a roadmap on boosting cooperation at the investment forum in Sochi.

Earlier, Izhstal’s experts took part in a conference hosted by the machinebuilding company in Izhevsk for its suppliers.

“This audit became yet another step in developing our ties with KamAZ. We successfully work with many companies in Russia’s automobile industry and hope that KamAZ will also become a stable consumer of our products,” Izhstal PAO’s Managing Director Sergey Kozennov commented.


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