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Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant ups high-margin product sales

Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant (BMK AO, part of Mechel Group) has shipped off in June 2018 15% more hardware year-on-year.

In June, Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant sold over 41,000 tonnes of hardware. The plant increased sales to Russian-based oil, machinebuilding, automobile and construction companies.

Steel ball-bearing wire for producing ball-bearing components demonstrated the best growth, with its sales doubling. Sales of gauged bars for producing various fittings went up by half. Sales of steel rebar strands, used in industrial and civil construction, and welded alloyed wire for joint and deposit welding in machinebuilding, bridge construction and automobile industry went up by 32% and 26% accordingly. Sales of high-strength wire for reinforced concrete structures increased by 24%. Sales of steel ropes for the oil industry and general use for lifting machines and mechanisms grew by 12%.

The doubling of cold-finished rebar sales and a 26-percent increase in low-carbon wire for reinforced concrete structures also had an impact on the overall positive dynamics of the plant’s hardware sales.

“Even though in June the hardware market’s potential went down by 2% as compared to May, for Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant it proved the most productive month in this year’s first half due to our sales service’s prompt reaction to the market’s growing needs on certain counts and our production facilities’ concerted teamwork,” Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant AO’s Chief Executive Officer Viktor Kamelin commented.

So far in 2018 the plant has shipped off over 236,000 tonnes of products, maintaining last year’s level.


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