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Beloretsk import-substituting cables successfully tested

Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant (BMK AO, part of Mechel Group) is conducting field tests of its new polymer-coated cable ropes at Southern Kuzbass Coal Companys coal pits and Korshunov Mining Plants ore quarry (all companies are part of Mechel Group). The cable ropes have demonstrated high performance qualities. Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant will begin producing these cables on an industrial scale early in 2019. They will substitute their imported counterparts in the mining and oil industries, as well as engineering, bridge- and shipbuilding.

When field-tested at Southern Kuzbass Coal Company’s EGK-20 excavator, a 57-mm polymer-coated cable rope worked for over six months. It has been used since February through August in temperatures ranging from -45C to +35C. During this time, the excavator loaded 1 million 40 thousand cubic meters of ore. The rope’s running time were more than double the standard.

Southern Kuzbass Coal Company is still testing a 52-mm cable rope, which was installed at an EKG-12 coal-loading excavator in early July. The rope has already worked for 55 days, with an average service life for uncoated ropes at this type of excavator of 60 days. The polymer coating is still in good shape and the rope is still being used.

45.5-mm cable ropes are being tested at Korshunov Mining Plant’s ore quarry. They were installed at an EKG-8I excavator’s hoisting, thrust and recoil gear in February. The ropes have already worked for 183 days, running an accumulated 477,000 cubic meters. This is 67% more than the running time for uncoated hoisting cables, 95% more than uncoated recoil cables and more than double and a half than uncoated thrust cables. The cable ropes are still being tested.

“These tests show that polymer-coated cable ropes have a longer service life than uncoated ones and reduce the wear of expensive excavator parts. The results we received lay the groundwork for our presentation we show to both Russian mining facilities and those in the neighboring countries. Our new products have excited interest, and we already have preliminary agreements on delivery of test batches,” Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant’s Chief Executive Officer Viktor Kamelin noted.

The plant has been implementing the project of producing import-substituting multi-strand cable ropes since 2015 with the support of Russia’s Industrial Development Fund and the Republic of Bashkortostan’s government. Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant plans to produce 6 to 12-strand cable ropes up to 90 mm in diameter, including those with polymer coating.


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