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Moscow Coke and Gas Plant ships coke to sugar producers

Products of Moscow Coke and Gas Plant (part of Mechel Group) have been shipped to foreign sugar producers during the summer season. A total of 50,000 tonnes of coke has been dispatched to sugar plants in June-September. Moscow Coke and Gas Plant makes such shipments every year.

It is not widely known that coke is necessary to produce sugar from sugar beet. It is used to clear the water solution made from beet slices. Coke helps clear it of non-sugary contaminants, including those that give sugar dark color.

Every year as sugar beet harvest comes in, the plant’s coke is delivered to Turkey’s sugar plants. The group’s sales company Mechel-Carbon handles these sales. When preparing the coke batch, the plant pays particular attention to size grading, as sugar producers need coke pieces strictly of 40-88mm in size.

This year, starting in June, the plant shipped a total of approximately 50,000 tonnes of coke to Turkish sugar makers.

In September the sugar-making season is over, with shipments to resume next year.


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