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Elgaugol enlarges explosives store

Elgaugol OOO (part of Mechel Groups mining division) nearly quintupled the size of its explosives store at Elga Coal Complex. Its storage volume has increased from 50 to 240 tonnes.

The project took nearly a year and a half to implement. Over that time, a whole range of works were completed at Elga. The company installed 32 storage containers cured with flame retardants, equipped them with fire alarms, automatic fire-suppression and lightning protection systems. The warehouse was enclosed with a reliably protective fence and equipped with illumination and video surveillance systems.

As part of creating a powerful fire safety system for the storage, two 100-cubic-meter fire tanks were built, each with special tents to prevent water from freezing in cold seasons. They were made by special order considering Far North weather conditions.

To provide the store with an uninterruptible power supply, the company acquired two new diesel-electric substations equipped with an extra fuel container. The company also enlarged its range for testing and destroying explosives.

The mining company also demonstrated its concern for the environment by constructing a 200-cubic-meter containment pond with a conditioning complex for surface and waste waters. This significantly reduces the risk of a negative impact on the local environment.

“We have invested a lot of effort in expanding the store’s capacity. We paid particular attention to fire safety and stable electricity supply so that at need all protective systems would snap into action without a hitch. We plan to increase mining at Elga, which would require a greater volume of blasting operations. Expanding the explosives store was a necessary and important stage of setting up the production infrastructure,” Elgaugol OOO’s Managing Director Ivan Tsepkov noted.


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