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High-margin output up at Izhstal

Izhstal PAO (part of Mechel Group, MOEX: IGST) in 2017 increased output of high value-added products year-on-year.

Production of cold-rolled strips demonstrated the best growth, going up by 31%.

Production of calibrated rolls went up by 5% to reach 12,300 tonnes. Overall, hardware production totaled 13,600 tonnes, which is 4% more year-on-year.

In 2017, the plant nearly doubled its sales to engineering companies. Sales to mining and oil companies went up by 44% and 21% accordingly, with sales to Russian-based automobile producers up by 2%.

The increase in steel cast at the plant’s concaster contributed to the yield increase. In 2017 the concaster produced nearly 252,000 tonnes, which is 20% more than in 2016. The concaster smelts over 230 steel grades, including highly alloyed and stainless steels.

“The strategy of increasing the share of high-margin products in the overall output proved its economical efficiency. We will continue to pursue this course of action,” Izhstal PAO’s Managing Director Sergey Kozennov commented.


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