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Elgaugol ups output in 1Q2018

Elgaugol OOO (part of Mechel Groups mining division) published its 1Q2018 results which demonstrate a major production growth on all counts year-on-year.

Mining at Elga Coal Complex amounted to 1.2 million tonnes, which is 43% higher than in 1Q2017. The complex has significantly increased its stripping volumes, with overburden removal amounting to 2.7 million cubic meters, which is 23% higher year-on-year. Coal washing went up by 21% to 585,000 tonnes, and shipping of finished products went up by 47% to reach 962,000 tonnes.

“This year we took off to an excellent production start. This quarter’s results logically followed our successful work at the end of last year. The project is efficiently growing in compliance with the set aims and tasks,” Elgaugol OOO’s Managing Director Ivan Tsepkov noted.


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