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Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant Mastered 20 New Hardware Types

Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant (BMK PAO, part of Mechel Group) mastered production of 20 new hardware types wire, ropes and steel straps for different industries, including those meant for import substitution. Test batches of new products were sent to potential customers.

At the request of a cable company, BMK worked out and made a new type of cable zinc-coated 3.20-millimeter wire for armoring logging and optical fiber cables. This wire guarantees their high endurance and helps reduce the ready cable’s diameter, reducing its metal content and cost.

For oil and gas companies’ drilling rigs, the plant devised import-substituting six- and eight-strand drill lines compliant with the US API 9A standard. The new product has high endurance qualities and comes in inch-measured sizes.

BMK mastered production of stainless steel wire and rods of various diameters from over 10 alloyed and highly alloyed steel grades. They are used for production of stainless ropes, springs, and details for bearings, as well as joint and deposit welding of vital parts.

At the request of its clients in the instrument- and machine-making industries, as well as the textile business, BMK mastered production of seven types of steel strap. It is used in weaving looms, clock springs, springs for locomotive braking systems, piston rings for road-building machinery, oil thrower rings for various shafts and bearings.

Also, Mechel Group’s coal and ore open pit facilities continue testing BMK’s new excavator ropes with polymer coating which increases their life expectancy. The plant continues to work on the best polymer to further improve the ropes’ performance.

“We stay on course toward increasing production of high-margin products. In 2017 their share in BMK’s overall output went up by 6%, as sales of stainless hardware more than doubled,” BMK AO’s Chief Executive Officer Viktor Kamelin noted.


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