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Yakutugol Sets Up Southern Yakutias Floorball Cup Tournament

Yakutugol Holding Company AO (part of Mechel Group) organized a floorball (floor hockey) tournament. Nineteen teams from Neryungri, Aldan and Tommot accepted the companys invitation to compete.

Southern Yakutia’s Christmas Floorball Cup took place in the Shakhtyor (Miner) sports complex, with both male and female teams taking part in the competition.

Yakutugol fielded a combined team including employees from Elgaugol OOO, Neryungrinsky Open Pit, loading and transport department, utility automobile transport base, Neryungrinskaya automobile depot and the washing plant.

The tournament also featured teams from other companies and organizations in Neryungri and Neryungri Region, including CC Kolmar LLC, the region’s Education Department, the Pension Fund’s regional department, Coalmetbank AO, as well as students from Nerungry Technical Institute (branch) of North-Eastern Federal University.

The town of Aldan was represented by teams Energiya (Energy, Southern Yakutian Electric Network), Apelsinki (Little Oranges, education department), Yakutian Railways and the Emergency Ministry. Tommot was represented by the town’s combined team.
The teams were divided into subgroups which then competed for a place in semi-finals. For some of the teams, this was a debut in a competition of such a level, but still they proved worthy adversaries to the more experienced teams which displayed interesting and fine play. Many times the game’s result had to be determined by shootout as the teams were too closely matched in mastery.

Three male and four female teams entered the finals. Men’s third place was won by the emergency ministry’s team, with the second going to Yakutian Railways and Yakutugol winning the first. In women’s competition, Yakutugol’s team also proved to be the strongest, with the silver going to Energiya and the bronze to Apelsinki.

Elena Fedorova and Maksim Tereschenko from Yakutugol were named top scorers, with Elgaugol’s Aleksandr Gorelnikov and Energiya’s Galina Movchan awarded as best goalkeepers.

“We are very glad that these fine sportspeople responded to our invitation and came to compete in the tournament which featured such teams for the first time. Floorball is actively developing in Yakutia, if these interesting and strong teams are to be judged by. We pay special attention to organizing our sports team’s training and providing them with proper gear. Yakutugol has a permanently functioning floorball league, and it works on promoting this sport,” Yakutugol Holding Company AO’s Managing Director Sergey Belan noted.


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