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Izhstal spent 76 million on environment

Izhstal PAO (part of Mechel Group, MOEX: IGST) in 2017 implemented an environment protection program with cost totaling over 76 million rubles.

The plant completed the major part of an ecological project on switching the rolling mill 850’s water supply system into the plant’s recirculation cycle, which will help bring down waste water disposal volumes by half. Industrial pipelines were installed, and pump stations were furnished with necessary equipment and automatic control systems. Pre-commissioning works are currently under way. The project’s cost exceeds 20 million rubles.

In 2017, waste water disposal has gone down by nearly 40% year-on-year, and water withdrawal from the Izhevsk reservoir went down by 10%, while the discharge intensity of utility water went down by 24% and amounted to 5.26 cubic meters per tonne of products.

A total of 50 tonnes of reclaimed oil were used in the production process, with over 6,500 mercury-containing lamps safely disposed of. The amount of solid waste at the site went down by 10%.

As part of industrial environment monitoring, the plant’s accredited lab produced over 4,000 different analyses. No violations of the maximum allowable concentrations of harmful substances in waste water discharge or air emissions were noted.

In 2017, surprise inspections of the plant’s compliance with the environment and health requirements were held. Inspecting experts from the republican offices of Russia’s Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service and Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare found no violations.

Over the past decade, the plant decreased waste water discharge by two thirds and closed down 11 out of 13 wastewater outlets into the Izh River. Waste emissions into the air were reduced eight times.

“Decreasing the negative impact on the environment is a priority for our plant. All facility upgrades and new production technologies are designed and implemented considering environment protection and ecological law requirements,” Izhstal PAO’s Managing Director Sergey Kozennov commented.


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