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New BelAZ Trucks Launched at Elga Coal Complex

Elgaugol OOO (part of Mechel Groups mining division) launched four heavy-duty BelAZ 130-tonne haul trucks for transporting rock mass.

The new trucks joined Elga Coal Complex’s mining transport fleet which currently includes 86 trucks, including 46 BelAZ.

The trucks became yet another acquisition in compliance with the technical revamping program implemented in 2017. This year, the facility also acquired three KamAZ-based crew bus trucks, three loaders, a fire engine and several other automobiles.

“Expanding our haul truck fleet will enable us to increase overburden volumes, which is a decisive factor in meeting our mining plans. The technical revamping program will continue to be implemented next year,” director of Mechel-Mining’s Yakutia mining assets department Igor Khafizov noted.


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