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Mechel Materials Expands Range of Increased Heat-Resistant Refractories

Mechel-Materials OOO (part of Mechel Group) mastered the first stage of producing a new type of refractories with increased heat resistance. This product is used in thermal generating units at steelmaking and machine-building facilities.

Refractories are basically bricks of different sizes and configurations, that are used on the surface of units subjected to heat. Mechel-Materials’ new product is made with the use of high-alumina clay. This type of refractory is distinctive by its higher aluminum oxide content, which provides better heat resistance and low thermal conductivity. Their heat resistance is no less than 1750 degrees Celsius.

High-alumina refractories are used for inner lining of reheating furnaces, steel and hot-metal ladles and other equipment with working temperature higher than 1400 degrees Celsius.

In the course of mastering production of high-alumina refractories, Mechel-Materials experts developed a special working mode for the entire technological chain of the chamotte ware workshop, which enabled the plant to achieve high performance indicators for the new product.

Mechel-Materials shipped the first batches of the new product to Mechel Group’s steel facilities, including Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant and Urals Stampings Plant.

“Such high-performance refractories enable producers to significantly increase their equipment’s life expectancy, make fewer repairs and overhauls, and cut down energy costs,” Mechel-Materials OOO’s Chief Executive Officer Nikolay Parkhomchuk explained.


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