Port Posiet

Posiet, Primorye Region, Russian Federation

Trade Port Posiet, situated on the Japanese Sea coast south of Vladivostok, handles coal supplies to Pacific Asia. It is linked by rail to the Trans-Siberian Railroad, north-eastern China and North Korea.

Posiet is a useful terminal to export coal mined at the deposits owned by Mechel’s enterprises of Yakutugol and Yuzhny Kuzbass, as well as at the Elga coal field.

Currently port Posiet can reload up to 9 million tonnes of cargo a year, but its capacity is due to grow up to 12 million tonnes annually in the long-term once the port’s reconstruction, aimed at transforming Posiet into a specialized coal terminal, is fully complete. Increase in freight traffic is planned due to implementation of modern technology for processing bulk cargo by installing high-performance equipment. 

Trade Port Posiet is the core enterprise for the town of Posiet, where it provides jobs to 350 local residents.