Early 2000s

The first attempt to mine Russia’s largest coalfield is made under the transport ministry’s auspices without any private investment. The ministry constructed 60 kilometers of the rail link.


The Elga project is admitted to be mismatched with the ministry’s specialization and suspended.


Mechel Group wins the auction for Yakutugol OAO’s controlling stake together with the license to mine the Elga coalfield.


Mechel contracts Transstroi Engineering Corporation to design and construct the spur-track linking Baikal-Amur Mainline’s Ulak station with the Elga coalfield.

The first section of the rail track was set at the 60th-kilometer landmark to the Elga deposit.


Sakha-Yakutia Republic’s President Vyacheslav Styrov, Amur Region’s governor Oleg Kozhemyako and Mechel OAO’s General Director Igor Zyuzin installed a memorial sign at Elga coalfield’s site, thus fixing the beginning of Elga coal deposit development.

Elga Coal Complex is registered as Yakutugol OAO’s new subsidiary.


Mechel finished laying tracks along the entire route of the railway link from Ulak station to the Elga coal deposit. Construction involved laying 321 kilometers of tracks. The railway was built in difficult climatic and geological conditions. A total of 76 bridges were built in the course of the railway’s construction.


A seasonal washing plant and production of the first volumes of concentrate of coking coal mined at the Elga deposit was commissioned. The newly built washing plant fully complies with best international standards. The plant’s processing capacity is up to 3 million tonnes per annum.


The Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency approved the revised schedule for the works under the subsoil license agreement for development of the Elga coal deposit. According to the revised license conditions, the mining enterprise’s first phase — with no less than a 9-million-tonne coal mining annual capacity — must reach design capacity by no later than August 1, 2018.

Elgaugol was established with Yakutugol and Mechel Mining as shareholders. Elgaugol holds the subsoil license for the Elga coal deposit.


One-millionth tonne of coal was mined at Elga since mining works began.

Elga Coal Complex’s seasonal washing plant shifted into an all-year operations mode. In November 2014, the plant reached an annual capacity of 2.7 million tonnes of run-of-mine coal (2.3 million tonnes of finished coal products).


Elga Coal Complex’s washing plant produced its one-millionth tonne of coking coal concentrate.

Gazprombank AO became the owner of 49% share in the Elga coal deposit’s development project.

The first collective labor contract was signed at Elgaugol OOO. The collective contract agreement was made during a video conference with Elga Coal Complex where the majority of personnel is stationed.


This year the company received 10 new machines as part of the technical upgrade program.

Compared to 2017, mining went up by 18%, strip mining by 5%, coal washing by 11% and shipping by 18%.

Elga Open Pit yielded its 15-millionth tonne of coal.

Elga Coal Complex opened a new large bath-and-laundry complex of over 1,200 square meters, three dormitories for its personnel that can house 280 lodgers in total, and an administration and accommodation building.