Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant



The plant’s construction began during the World War II and was completed in April 1943 at a speed unprecedented for such a powerful plant of a full metallurgical cycle.

The plant was built to meet the needs of Soviet defense and took part in creating the military industry of the Soviet Union and Russia as well as space programs. It was also the chief steel supplier for science-intensive sector of the economy.


By that date, the plant had produced hundreds of thousands of tonnes of coke, pig iron, steel and rolled products. One-fifth of all Soviet missiles and one-third of all Soviet tanks and airplanes were made of Chelyabinsk steel.


The plant successfully overcame the transition period’s hardships and managed to preserve its production potential and the capacity for fast growth.


ChMK joined Mechel Group. It is fully integrated with many of the group’s enterprises and remains the flagship of Mechel’s steel division.