Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation

Izhstal PAO is the largest steel plant in the Udmurt Republic. Izhstal is one of Russia’s leading specialty steel and stainless long products manufacturers.

Its customer base is largely comprised of companies from the aircraft, defense, automotive, agricultural, power, oil and gas and construction industries. The plant’s produce is used in machine-building, making bearings, rigs, highly efficient cutting instrument operating at high temperatures and cutting speeds, springs,  medical equipment, consumer goods etc. Its products are exported to North America, Europe and the CIS countries.

Izhstal’s quality management system is certified as compliant with the international ISO 9001:2015 standard. The plant won the Udmurt President quality award three times. The company is also noticed by the letters of gratitude from the President of the Russian Federation twice.