Vyartsilya Metal Products Plant


Vyartsilya, Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation

The «Vyartsilya Metal Products Plant» close corporation is one of oldest hardware producers in Northwestern Russia. It is also a town-forming enterprise providing over 400 jobs for residents of the town of Vyartsilya and the Sortavala area. The plant joined Mechel in 2002.

The plant produces:

  • Steel wire – low-carbon wire for general purposes, welding wire with non-coppered surface, wire class Bp-1 double-sided periodical cross-section, polymer-coated wire, steel construction wire
  • Wire nails – round nails without coating, square nails, building nails, roofing nails
  • Single woven steel-wire cloth with square meshes – uncoated, made of low-carbon thermal-untreated wire, and with polymer coating.