The Board of Directors Committee on Audit


The Board of Directors’ Committee on Audit chooses the Company’s auditor for approval by Shareholders’ General Meeting. The Committee’s goal is to aid the Board of Directors in exercising control over the credibility of the Company’s financial accounting, the Company’s compliance with legal and normative requirements, qualifications and independence of the external auditor, as well as the Company’s execution of internal audit functions. The Board of Directors’ Committee on Audit’s member list consists only of independent directors.

The Board of Directors at its meeting held on June 29, 2018, approved the following members for the Board of Directors’ Committee on Audit (see Protocol of the Board of Directors’ meeting, June 29, 2018):

Georgy G. Petrov — head of the committee
Alexander N. Kotsky — member of the committee
Alexander D. Orischin — member of the committee

Quantity of members of the Committee on Audit is guided by
the Bylaw on the Committee 

Board of Directors' Committees

In order to execute its functions, the Board of Directors created the following permanent committees: