Management Board

Management Board is Mechel PAO’s collegial executive body in charge of the company’s general management. It is responsible for attaining corporate goals and tasks, implementation of the company’s strategy and policies. The Management Board acts in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders and answers to the General Shareholders’ Meeting and the Board of Directors. The Management Board’s sphere of competence is outlined in the Bylaw on Mechel PAO’s Collegial Executive Body (Management Board).

The Management Board’s members are elected by the Board of Directors’ decree. The Management Board’s Chairman manages its activities.

The Board of Directors elected the following members to the Management Board:

  • Oleg V. Korzhov
    Oleg V. Korzhov

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Victor A. Trigubko
    Victor A. Trigubko

    Senior Vice President
    for Government Relations

  • Valery A. Sheverdin
    Valery A. Sheverdin

    Vice President for Corporate Security 

  • Minas A. Darbinyan
    Minas A. Darbinyan

    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
    for Financial Control

  • Natalia O. Trubkina
    Natalia O. Trubkina

    Human Resources Director

  • Nelli R. Galeeva
    Nelli R. Galeeva

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Irina N. Ipeeva
    Irina N. Ipeeva

    Director of Legal Department