Charter Capital of the Company amounts to 5,550,276,600 (five billion five hundred fifty million two hundred seventy-six thousand six hundred) rubles.

Charter Capital of the Company is composed of nominal value of 416,270,745 (four hundred sixteen million two hundred seventy thousand seven hundred forty-five) ordinary registered shares with the nominal value of 10 (ten) rubles each and 138,756,915 (one hundred thirty-eight million seven hundred fifty-six thousand nine hundred fifteen) preferred registered shares with the nominal value of 10 (ten) rubles each.


Mechel PAO’s shares are traded on Russia's Moscow Exchange in A1 list with ticker MTLR for ordinary shares and ticker MTLRP for preferred shares.

American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)

On October 24, 2004 Mechel placed American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Each American Depositary Receipt represents two ordinary shares and trades on New York Stock Exchange with MTL ticker.

On May 7, 2010 Mechel placed preferred shares on New York Stock Exchange.

The preferred share are represented by preferred American Depositary Shares (preferred ADSs). Each preferred American Depositary Share represents an interest in one-half of one preferred share (1 preferred ADS = ½ preferred share). Preferred ADSs are traded on New York Stock Exchange with MTLPR ticker.

Depositary Bank:

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
60 Wall Street
MS NYC60-2727
New York, NY 10005