Environmental Control

Mechel invests a lot of effort into improving environment conditions at all of the company’s production facilities. All its modernization projects, both already implemented and currently in progress, imply state-of-the-art production technologies and ecologically safe equipment aimed to dramatically decrease the negative impact on the environment. We are also in close contact with the population of those areas where the company maintains its presence, which enables us to promptly respond to the public’s ecological concerns and improve our facilities’ environment protection programs.

Our environment protection activity is based on systematic monitoring of ecological data and oriented on minimization of negative impact on the environment. We pay particular attention to appraisal and minimization of ecological risks. One important issue is forming an integrated system of environment protection management, which allows us to take into account all significant ecological aspects and administer them. Mechel is working to obtain certificates of compliance with ISO 14001 standard for its enterprises’ ecology management system.

Significant funds are invested annually into projects implementing resource-saving and low-waste modern technologies, modernizing existing technological processes and other measures aimed at alleviating negative impact on the environment. Integrated modernization projects are among the most efficient, not only economically, but also ecologically. They do not only boost volumes and quality of production, but also help radically decrease impact on the environment.

For example, due to integrated reconstruction of the Izhstal plant’s electric steel-making shop, gross emission of pollutants went down by 60% compared to 2007’s figures. Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant brought down gross emission of pollutants by 30% in the last years due to upgrading its gas-purifying equipment.

Revegetation and restoration of areas violated by industrial activity are held throughout the Group’s mining enterprises. For instance, in recent years Yakutugol Holding Company undertook technical and biological recultivation of over 70 hectares of exhausted pit surface area, planting over 35,000 saplings of local trees and sowing over 2,000 tonnes of grass seeds. Recultivation works are being done on the basis of existing technical documentation, with recommendations from experienced experts on environment protection and restoration.

At Southern Kuzbass Coal Company’s enterprises, in 2010-2012 some 400,000 saplings were planted on 149 hectares of mined areas. In order to decrease the impact on bodies of water, mining enterprises repair and reconstruct water cleansing equipment. In order to decrease waste emissions into air, washing plants install modern dust and gas cleansing equipment.

Korshunov Mining Plant takes part in the program for restoring fish resources in the Ust-Ilyimsk and Bratsk reservoirs. Every year since 2007, hundreds of thousands of juvenile pelad and lake herring bred with the enterprise’s funding are released into Irkutsk Region’s waters.

Implementing integrated modernization of existing enterprises as well as ecological policy will allow Mechel to continually decrease its companies impact on the environment.