Professional Development

Working for one of Russia’s major companies is a excellent chance for professional and career growth. Mechel presents its employees with equal chances for continuous perfection of their abilities and skills. Our strategy of inner growth and professional development is a key aspect of our personnel training and development policy.

The company offers every chance for this by providing a training and technical base for improving one’s qualifications, consolidating one’s academic knowledge with excellent practice. Our enterprises work closely with education facilities, from professional schools to leading colleges. As part of this program, our employees can get a second degree, improve their qualifications and master new specializations. Colleges help us mold yesterday’s schoolchildren into tomorrow's professionals.

We have particularly high hopes for the new generation of young specialists, graduates of colleges and technical schools. Many of our enterprises have successfully implemented adaptation programs for young specialists, which enable college graduates to efficiently meld into the work process and become an integral part of our huge and friendly team.

Human Capital

We strive so that our employees could realize their potential to the fullest, bring to life their most ambitious ideas, were satisfied and proud of their choice to work for Mechel.

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Mechel is a major employer and taxpayer, which establishes and follows strict principles of corporate social responsibility. Mechel has made every effort to ensure the dignity of employees and their families, to strengthen their confidence in the future.

Factsheet on Mechel and its assets