Human Resources

Human Resources

Mechel is one of the world’s largest mining and metals companies. Mechel’s personnel is talented and ambitious, and so we not only seek to attract the best specialists, but also pay great attention to our employees’ development, motivation and focus on career growth and self-realization.

We are proud of having created a strong and highly efficient team. The hardships we faced together and the heights we reached bonded us into a team that shares the same views, is strong with professionalism, persistence and unity, a can tackle any task.

We strive so that our employees can realize their potential to the fullest, bring to life their most ambitious ideas, and are satisfied and proud of their choice to work for Mechel. Our staff in their turn repay our care with many years of conscientious work and ensure the company’s stability and leadership in dynamic competitive environment.

Acknowledgement of our employees’ merits and the drive to ensure a worthy lifestyle for our staff and their families, attention and care for their problems – those are the basic principles of Mechel’s social policies.

The company thinks of its enterprises’ future, aware of the role they play in developing Russia’s economy, restores and lovingly preserves professional traditions of its steelmakers, miners, energy workers and transport operators. Mechel pursues a comprehensive policy of making working professions more popular among schoolchildren and attracting college graduates to the Group’s enterprises.

industrial facilities
In 2021 Mechel mined
million tonnes of coal
In 2021 Mechel produced
million tonnes of steel