Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Our activities in the social sphere include non-governmental retirement programs, health and recreation for our employees, sports events and care for the employees’ families, work with trade unions and development of those regions where our enterprises are located.

Good health is key to successful work. We think that health and recreation measures are the most efficient method of preserving the health of Mechel’s personnel and their families. Those include rehabilitation benefits at spas and resorts, organizing healthy food services at work, health insurance, vacation camps for children and maternal support programs.

Developing sports is another vital component of Mechel’s social policy. In order to promote healthy lifestyle and sports among our employees, we regularly hold sports festivals and games for our staff and their families.

billion rubles invested in social programs
over the last 5 years

In order to ensure a worthy lifestyle for our employees after retirement, the company offers a corporate retirement program.

Faithful to the principles of social responsibility, Mechel’s enterprises invest heavily into social and economic development of the regions of our presence, primarily as major taxpayers and employers, ensuring jobs for the local populace with competitive salaries.

We understand that social responsibility for our employees and those who live in the regions where our enterprises are located is a necessary component of our business’s prosperity. We make maximum effort to provide for our employees and their families, strengthen their confidence in the future.