Mechel Supports Environmental Tree Graffiti Project

Mechel Supports Environmental Tree Graffiti Project

Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (ChMK PAO, MOEX: CHMK, part of Mechel Group) joined forces with environmentalists to improve and decorate trees in Chelyabinsk’s squares and streets.

For the project, Mechel employees and volunteers from ecological group Green City, chose trees with damaged barks in different Chelyabinsk districts. The trees’ affected areas are treated so that excessive moisture, mushroom spores and parasites do not penetrate through cracks which occur naturally due to temperature changes. Also, wood cracks are covered with a sanitizing solution and primed to avoid wood rot and decay.

Volunteering artists then decorated the healed areas with paintings on a variety of themes, mostly based on children's fairy tales and fantasy.

The artists used acrylic paints which are safe and do not penetrate into tree structure. Moreover, they create an additional protective layer. Graffiti appeared on 20 trees on Chelyabinsk’s busy city paths.

“These graffiti perform at once both ecological and aesthetic tasks. First, they protect trunks with damaged bark and prolong their lifespan. Second, this natural open-air gallery delights city dwellers,” Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant’s Personnel and Social Policy Director Denis Sazontov commented.

You may find images in social networks via hashtag #Мечелгороду.