Moscow Coke and Gas Plant Upgrades Equipment

Moscow Coke and Gas Plant Upgrades Equipment

Moscow Coke and Gas Plant (part of Mechel Group) continues repairs for prevention of the plant’s negative impact on the environment. The plant is repairing its gas cleansing and cooling equipment as well as gas pipelines.

The lower part of one of the byproduct recovery facility’s two scrubbers is currently being replaced. The unit’s upgrade will enable it to sustain consistently high levels of cleansing coke gas. During the repairs, the second scrubber, normally kept in reserve, ensures thorough gas cleansing.

The plant is also repairing the coke and gas facility’s cooling tower which cools water during the gas cleaning process. Replacing the tower’s sprinkler system will improve water cooling, which will make gas cooling more efficient.

The plant is also cleaning and replacing parts of gas pipelines in its coke facility, repairing the aspiration units’ air ducts, which helps improve the cleaning process’s efficiency. Once the technical maintenance is complete, the plant will conduct laboratory tests to confirm the equipment’s operational efficiency.

“The plant is constantly working on reducing the negative impact on the environment. We also plan to continue planting trees in Vidnoye,” Moscow Coke and Gas Plant’s Managing Director Sergey Belan noted.