Mechel Mining comprises Mechel's mining assets. Mechel Mining’s enterprises produce a wide range of coal products – coking coal concentrate, anthracite, PCI, thermal coal, as well as iron ore and a wide assortment of coking products. Our capabilities and client-oriented approach allow us to satisfy the most demanding requirements of our clients in supplying coal of specific characteristics.


Due to the company's own sales and marketing structure, we can make prompt deliveries of our products to clients worldwide.

Mechel Mining's primary product is coking coal concentrate produced by Yakutugol, Elgaugol and Southern Kuzbass. The company offers a wide range of high-quality coking coals with low, mid and high volatility.

Yakutugol produces hard coking coal concentrate with low volatility and low sulphur content, which enjoys high demand on export markets. Southern Kuzbass produces semi-hard and semi-soft coking coal concentrates with low sulphur and phosphorus content. Coal is processed in washing plants equipped with advanced technology, which enables us to produce concentrate that fits our clients' varied quality requirements.

Southern Kuzbass’s washing plants make PCI coals, which are then used in blast furnaces and enable steelmakers to dramatically cut expenditure of coke. Southern Kuzbass also mines, washes and sizes anthracites which are widely used by steel, sugar, lime and soda plants. Southern Kuzbass and Yakutugol also mine low sulphur thermal or oxidized coals with high calorific value.

Besides coal, we also market iron ore concentrate of 62.5% iron content produced by Korshunov Mining Plant.

Mechel Coke and Moscow Coke and Gas Plant produce coke and chemical products. Their primary product is metallurgical coke, which is highly prized by steelmakers. They also manufacture coke gas and about 20 types of chemicals, including benzene, toluene, solvent, naphthalene, ammonium sulphate, resins and many other products.

In 2021 Mechel mined
million tonnes of coal
In 2021 Mechel sold
million tonnes of coking coal
million tonnes of thermal coal
million tonnes of iron ore concentrate