Yakutugol Completes Key Stage in Washing Plant’s Sweeping Upgrade

Yakutugol Holding Company (part of Mechel Group) completed a series of key works as part of a large-scale repair campaign at its washing plant. This will enable the company to ensure stable operations at its production facilities, increase coal processing and output of high-quality coking coal concentrate. The plant’s produce is mostly exported to Asia Pacific’s steelmakers.

These repairs became the plant’s most extensive over the past four years. Apart from the company’s personnel, 230 specialists from a contractor were involved in the efforts. The team replaced and restored some of the plant’s key equipment, including trunk conveyors, sizing screens in the main building, conveyors at the area where ready products are loaded into wagons. Three new sizing screens for coal breakage were assembled and nine more underwent major repairs.

The next stage includes repairs in the drying and heating worshop, where facilities for drying coal concentrate will be repaired. By August, the company plans to assemble five new centrifuges for draining excessive damp from the concentrate. In July, repairs to big firefighting water tanks will be finished.

“We completed a key stage of the washing plant’s repairs. This year, over one billion rubles were set aside for its technical upgrade. The entire company’s further operations, our obligations to our clients and increase of our output all depend on the results of our coal washing facilities’ upgrade,” Yakutugol Holding Company’s Managing Director Ivan Tsepkov noted.