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Yakutugol Completes Summer Navigation Season

Yakutugol Holding Company AO (part of Mechel Group) finished coal shipments from its Dzhebariki-Haya Open Pit to housing and utilities infrastructure in Yakutia’s remote northern areas.

During the summer navigation season, the company shipped a total of 238,000 tonnes of coal to its primary consumers — housing and utilities companies in the republic’s northern and central regions.

In May-October, Yakutugol shipped coal to Amga, Verkhnevilyuisk, Verkhoyansky, Zhigansk, Nyurba, Olyokminsk, Oymyakon, Ust-Aldan, Ust-Maya, Tompo ulus.

“Yakutia is known for its harsh climate, particularly in winter, and so the northern supply haul plays a major role in the life of local inhabitants. Every year we try to fulfill the social order in full, so that housing and utilities providers in remote ulus had enough fuel for stable operations,” Yakutugol Holding Company AO’s Managing Director Ivan Tsepkov noted.