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Yakutugol Completes This Year’s Technical Revamping Program

Nine new BelAZ dump trucks began operating at Yakutugol Holding Company AO (part of Mechel Group)’s Neryungrinsky Open Pit. An EKG-18 excavator is nearly assembled. Launching this machinery completes this year’s modernization program. Overall, in 2017 the company acquired over 30 items of new machinery.

Six of the 220-tonne BelAZ trucks are used to transport mined rock, and three 130-tonne trucks are used to transport coal.

In total, in 2017 the company launched 22 trucks, including 14 new BelAZ trucks for Neryungrinsky Open Pit, five for Dzhebariki-Haya Pit, where coal is mined by open method since March, and three KamAZ trucks for transporting slate from Neryungrinsky Washing Plant to refuse heaps.

Five excavators were also acquired for use at Neryungrinsky Open Pit, including two Liebherr excavators and three Urals Machine-Building Plant’s EKG-18, one of which is currently being assembled at the pit. Two EKGs have been working at removing overburden since April.

Moreover, this year the company has significantly expanded its fleet of drilling and blasting machines. Yakutugol acquired a PV-275 drill ring, a BM machine for transporting and temporary storage of explosives, and a KamAZ-based mix-pump truck.

A new KamAZ-based crane truck was also acquired for prompt quality repairs to outsize mining equipment.

“The company’s mining machinery fleet is being expanded to increase overburden works and mining volumes. We hope that the equipment we launched will help us to a major breakthrough in this direction,” director of Mechel-Mining’s Yakutia mining assets department Igor Khafizov noted.


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