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Yakutugol Upgrades Pipeline to Reduce Ecological Risks

Yakutugol Holding Company AO (part of Mechel Group) takes measures to prevent water body pollution in the company’s area of operations. The cost of these efforts totals over 28 million rubles.

The company is taking steps to improve the industrial zone of Neryungrinskaya Washing Plant, in the vicinity of the Upper Neryungra River. This area holds sludge tanks for slime waters that are the by-product of coal washing, which are then brought back into the production cycle.

The coal company’s experts are now assembling a new pipeline leading from the plant’s coal washing workshop to the sludge tank. Barriers to intercept floodwater are also being installed. In order to divert floodwater from the river, the catch drain in the sludge tanks’ vicinity is being cleaned, widened and deepened.

The company has earlier cleaned the Upper Neryungra’s floodplain, built and strengthened barriers in the area of the pipeline as it crosses the river. The catch drain due to divert floodwater in the washing plant’s vicinity was also prepared so that the floodwater would be diverted directly into the main sludge tank.

“These measures will help us prevent the river’s pollution in the future. We also plan to improve control over the water body. This will enable us to make ecological risks minimal,” Yakutugol Holding Company’s Managing Director Ivan Tsepkov noted.