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Izhstal Increases Sales of Large-Diameter Round Rolls

 Izhstal (part of Mechel Group) has sold over 8,000 tonnes of rolls more than 120 mm in diameter over the past five months, which is 6% more year-on-year.

Izhstal Increases Sales of Large-Diameter Round Rolls

Such rolls are used by automobile, engineering and oil equipment producers. The plant’s key clients include GAZ, MAZ, Transmashholding, Kopeisk Machinery Plant, NefteMashDetal. Some 20% of the plant’s output goes to export.

Izhstal mastered output of large round rolls in 2018. Since then, the plant sold over 65,000 tonnes of rolls 120 to 200 mm in diameter.

In order to produce this type of rolls, Izhstal upgraded its rolling mill 450, increasing the maximum diameter of its round rolls from 120 to 200 mm. The plant also installed finishing equipment to ensure the surface quality and curvature required by the plant’s clients. The plant is now assembling leveler equipment for the mill.