Urals Stampings Plant

Urals Stampings Plant

Chebarkul head tours Urals Stampings Plant’s upgraded facilities

Chebarkul’s city Head Sergei Kovrigin visited Urals Stampings Plant (Uralkuz PAO, part of Mechel Group, MOEX: URKZ) to tour the upgraded railway axle production line, whose launch enabled the city’s mainstay enterprise to boost production volumes.

Chebarkul’s head toured Urals Stampings Plant’s press-forging workshop which had launched a third forging line for production of railway axles in late 2017.

In 2017, Urals Stampings Plant gradually increased production of railway axles which became a major contribution to a 28-percent increase in the plant’s production volumes as compared to 2016. Shifting one of the less-loaded forging lines to axle production enabled the plant to step up the overall output of axle billets even more. The plant plans to continue raising its output of products for wagonbuilding.

“Urals Stampings Plant is of vital importance as Chebarkul’s mainstay. The city’s prosperity depends on the stability of the plant’s operations, its jobs and its personnel’s income, so the upgrade of its facilities and increased production is a major plus for the city as a whole,” Chebarkul’s Head Sergei Kovrigin noted.

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