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Urals Stampings Plant Launches Production of New Alloy Grades for Aviation

Urals Stampings Plant (Uralkuz PAO, part of Mechel Group) began producing new types of casting heat-resistant alloys for the aviation industry. The first test batch is due to be shipped to a customer in June.

The three new grades of casting heat-resistant alloys, which were developed in joint effort with the All-Russian Aviation Materials Research Institute, are being produced at the plant’s Chelyabinsk facility.

Urals Stampings Plant produces heat-resistant alloys as cast bars or billets for further processing at a customer’s own plant. Aviation constructors use these bars for highly precise casting of turbine airfoil — an element of gas turbine and turbojets. During its spin, the airfoil turns compressed gas’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy and makes the airplane move. These newest alloys will be useful for both civil and military aviation as well as the space industry.

“We won our first tender for supplying our bars of new alloys to Kuznetsov — Russia’s major producer of aviation and space engines. The batch is complete and ready for shipment,” Urals Stampings Plant’s sales director Alexey Mezentsev commented.