Urals Stampings Plant

Urals Stampings Plant

Urals Stampings Plant outputs 100,000 tonnes of products over eight months

Urals Stampings Plant (Uralkuz PAO, part of Mechel Group, MOEX: URKZ) has shipped off nearly twice as many products since this year’s beginning than it did last year over the same period.

This is the first time historically that the plant reached the output level of 100,000 tonnes over 8 months. Last year, Urals Stampings Plant produced 63,000 tonnes over the same period. Output has gone up by nearly 60%.

Wagon and locomotive axles which Urals Stampings Plant is making for Russian and foreign wagonbuilders, are predominant in the structure of the plant’s hot-stamped products. Stampings for Russian fuel-power complex facilities are also a major part of the plant’s sales. The plant also manufactures products for engineering, aviation and shipbuilding companies.

“This production growth is due to the market’s high demand for our plant’s products, particularly by wagonbuilders,” Urals Stampings Plant PAO’s Managing Director Viktor Matsenko noted. “In order to meet our clients’ growing needs, we have upgraded our production facilities and are increasing production gradually each month.”

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