Board of Directors of Mechel PAO

Board of Directors of Mechel PAO

Mechel (hereafter referred to as “Company”)’s Board of Directors is responsible for general management of the Company’s activities, except for issues that Russian law on joint stock companies and the Company’s charter refer to the competence of Shareholders’ General Meeting. It acts in accordance with the Russian law,the Company's Charter, decisions of Shareholders’ General Meeting, Bylaw on Mechel's Board of Directors and the Company's other internal documents, approved by the Board.

In accordance with the Company’s charter members of the Board of Directors are elected by Shareholders’ General Meeting, to a total of 9 persons, the majority of whom are independent (independent directors).

Members of the Company’s Board of Directors are liable to the Company for the losses incurred by their guilty actions (or lack of action), unless other grounds and scale of liability are set forth in Russian law. In addition those members who voted against the measure that incurred losses to the Company or its shareholder or who did not take part in voting, are not liable.

Liability risks of the Board’s members is insured by the Company in full.

In order to execute its functions, the Board of Directors created the following permanent committees:

The Board of Directors’ Committee on Investment and Strategic Planning

The Board of Directors’ Committee on Audit

The Board of Directors’ Committee on Appointments and Rewards